Mining your data – the next Big Thing

Consumption and advertising is becoming more and more targetted as we have more access to more data. With the rising number of wearable and connected devices the reams of information available to us has incredible potential. Online advertising is becoming incredibly targeted. Data is mined across publisher websites at at point of purchase.
Someone’s buying pattern in the past generally reflects their future patterns so that we can begin to purchase ads based on a user’s propensity to purchase say a plane ticket or a car. Knowing other demographic information about the target allows us to deliver a very specific ad. We no longer speak to the masses but to groups of individuals. Customization is key.
Companies need to gather as much data on their clients as possible to ensure re-purchase.
TV will soon be purchased on data-centric buying methods. In the future we will no longer purchase day parts or points but specific shows targetting specific types of customers. This data will be mined by set-box top TV mechanism that will track viewer habits. TV advertising will be purchased more like digital advertising.

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