Market Research

At BRITE we conduct primary research  in-house and utilize secondary research to better understand the psychographic and demographics of your target group. Millenials, GenXers and Boomers – We know how to target custom communications to your prospect. BRITE is research driven and believes strongly in tracking. It’s important to utilize metrics whenever possible so we can course correct as needed.

Our media research includes Arbitron, Google AdWords, Twitter Trends, Facebook Analytics, Compete, Nielsen, Scarborough, Squad, Vocus, Callsource and more. We plan and manage focus groups, polling and online surveys. In this information age knowing why and how your prospect behaves drives all initiatives and spending.

We also believe in a careful reporting process and provide post-buy analysis, click-thru reports, website analytics and any other necessary reports to maximize your future buy. We ensure that clients receive what they purchased and are using the optimal medium and message to achieve their goals. We know how to stretch a dollar and negotiate added value whenever possible. We look for matching editorial, access to email and traditional databases, online inclusion, mobile inclusion and remnant space. We want to spend wisely for maximum results.