Social Media

Anyone can have a Facebook page, be on Google +, and have a YouTube channel. But it takes experience and a strategy to know how to use these tools to effectively navigate the social media world. At BRITE, we show our clients how to be a part of the online conversation. Our team understands how to engage a wide variety of audiences to help build your brand. We know how to advertise on social mediums, create like-gates, and conduct online contests meeting compliance regulations. When social media works, clients receive better online reviews and search engine rankings. Social media is both a public relations discipline and a digital medium. Dedicating the correct resources will have a long term positive impact on your product and service.

  • Build your brand and consequently increase your website organic search results through a disciplined social media strategy plan and implementation.
  • Brand building through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. We compose messaging/videos, review, respond and report.
  • Strategies to build followers: inclusion on marketing materials, in-office video loops, stationery packages, statement stuffers, appointment cards and more.
  • Integrate apps, review apps, offer tabs, bios and more on your Facebook page.
  • Create custom YouTube channels and Pinterest pages.
  • Build followers through contests, ‘Like gates’ strategic partnerships.