~ Forbes Magazine

Of the many complexities faced by marketers today, managing expectations is among the most difficult. Forbes Magazine credits unrealistic expectations as the heart of unprecedented CMO turnover.

As founder and president of BRITE, I believe that effective marketing is equal parts head and heart. Every brand should emotionally connect with the people it benefits – but it has to do so in a measurable, data-driven way.

Today, when audiences have a 3-second attention span and are exposed to thousands of media messages a day – it’s essential to create marketing that not only works, but can target in a granular way.

At BRITE, we know who engages with our clients’ brands, when they engage and how to deliver the best native experience. It’s a phenomenal dimension to the game of marketing. And the results are irrefutable, which makes our successes, our clients’.

But data will have little to measure without brand resonance.

Too many companies focus only on securing tangible metrics, without investing in the creative strategy that puts their brand under a spotlight. As we watch companies like Amazon and Walmart duke it out for retail supremacy, we know that price slashing and artificial intelligence will not be the answer. The spoils will go to the most creative – the most creative ingenious model, the best customer service practices and originally-articulated brand message.

No one knows your brand better than you do, so as your partner, we follow or lead, depending on need. Our robust network of in-house talent and out of market specialists establish best-practice solutions across a variety of sectors.

Whether we partner with your other agencies or take on a project exclusively, we become a member of your team. And as we maximize millennial spending power and gear up for Gen Z, we’re ready to make our next BRITE idea, your own.