Elevating the Brand

Auto Connection
The Challenge
The Auto Connection is a used automobile dealership that provides financing to individuals with limited to no credit. For years the brand strategy focused on a fun and carefree attitude. The owner didn’t want his customers to feel judged for bad credit, or intimidated about discussing their financial situation so the brand icon became his loveable British bulldog – Mack Mack. Together they became local celebrities and were instantly recognizable for many years. A winning combination.

As the company grew to include more markets, Mack Mack became less recognizable or understood. With major national chains entering the ‘buy here, pay here’ arena there was a need to re-evaluate the brand

The Realization
Together with Derrick Borte, the Auto Connection hired a research company to determine the perception of their existing brand, the competitive set and the changing mindset of their consumers. They learned that the consumer was looking for a more polished buying experience, one that was more like how Apple presented their consumer experience.

The Solution
The brand evolved to be less zany and more professional.  The icon of the bulldog was maintained but the font of the logo was revised to be less casual. The campaign focused on positioning the Auto Connection as the car buyer’s best friend.  The idea being that the Auto Connection doesn’t judge you,  is approachable, loyal and there when you need them. This was further substantiated by offering a 2 year warranty on all cars.  The new message is communicated through a combination of TV, Google Adwords, SEO, blogging and social media.

Within the first three months we were able to triple requests on the website – our indicator of success. The Auto Connection has since opened a new location and continue to grow.

The Auto Connection website viewed on a laptop computer
Brand Refresh for The Auto Connection by BRITE