Building the JES Promise

JES Foundation Repair

The Challenge
As the premier foundation repair company on the East Coast, JES is growing exponentially. The recent acquisition of several foundation repair companies nationwide has created a need to extend brand awareness to a wider and more diverse audience.

JES Foundation Repair tasked BRITE to create several TV commercials that would work equally effectively in several different markets along with a corporate video to use as a persuasive sales tool, and a recruitment video to secure the best recruits in the field. 

The Solution
BRITE wrote, directed and edited several TV spots from a large library of footage we created. This cost-efficient approach to marketing allows JES to stay nimble in a competitive market. Footage can be re-purposed quickly and affordably to respond to emerging innovations in the foundation industry and make adjustments to pricing ahead of any competitors.   

The Results
Our collaboration is helping JES keep and gain more customers by making them the clear choice for foundation repair.