Discover the Konikoff Difference

Konikoff Dentistry
The Challenge
Continue to cultivate Konikoff Dentistry as the premier brand in dentistry in Hampton Roads against a constant stream of newly competing dental practices. Today large national conglomerates are changing the industry landscape by scooping up local practices and transforming them with robust dentistry marketing and loyalty programs. We’re meeting that challenge with a business model that offers a strong competitive advantage.

The Realization
At the core of the success of the Konikoff Dentistry brand, its ability to offer those from 2 to 92, a richly human experience. Konikoff remains current by offering the highest level of professional care with the latest in hybrid offerings. The entire chain is valued for offering people the kind of services, flexibility, and payment plans that want, before they even know they want them.

The Solution
Create a new campaign that communicates the relevance, uniqueness and richly human experience of the Konikoff business model, in unique and compelling ways. We are highly strategic in using a combination of TV, streaming video, programmatic ads, pay per click, blogging, retail and social media initiatives to continue to grow market share.

Konikoff Dentistry boasts double-digit growth as it continues to set the stage for the future of modern dentistry.

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