Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

The Challenge
With thousands of dogs discarded every day in the US, there is a constant challenge to find shelters and homes. While they can’t all be saved, every year the volunteers at Southeastern German Shepherd Rescueprovide temporary shelter, evaluation, training and adoption for hundreds of German Shepherds and Shepherd mixes that cross its path.

In addition to animal welfare, the volunteers educate and caution the public about backyard breeders who breed dogs strictly for money while ignoring best practice guidelines for health and wellness. As a result, more and more Shepherds and Shepherd-mixes are born with medical issues and uneducated, uncommitted owners discard them at an alarming rate.

The Realization
BRITE realized that we could help advance the efforts of Southeastern German Shepherd Rescue by partnering with President Heather Duggan to maximize the organization’s already popular social media presence.

The Solution
To build momentum and elevate the efforts of Duggan’s social media posts, BRITE turned to video to bring the stories of every available dog to life. Seeing and hearing each dog’s unique tale on video was the magic that increased the number of consistent followers, and ultimately led to more adoptions.

In just one hour, our video of a litter of available puppies generated over 5,000 shares and the adoption of all 10 puppies. To date, the video has 27,000 views. Another foster video illustrates how rewarding foster care can be and how critical to the mission. This video generated 6,500 views in just 48 hours. Our story about Koen a three-legged Shepherd received 18,000 views in 3 months. The organization continues to maintain volunteers and slowly find homes for their dogs