Tidewater Community College

The Challenge
Tidewater Community College competes with a large number of community colleges within the state. Their core target group, 18-24 years old, feel lost and overwhelmed about their future. They struggle to understand how to start the enrollment process and which curriculum to pursue.

The Realization
BRITE realized that Tidewater Community College’s communications needed to shift from promoting the affordability factor and instead communicate their true benefit- their welcoming faculty and staff and their ability to mentor, aid and advance their students towards a bright and transformative future.

The Solution
BRITE created a TV/OTT and social media campaign that featured the TCC faculty and staff speaking on camera about how they are “here to help” demonstrating TCC’s personalized approach to simplifying the enrolment process and educating students about opportunities and pathways to high-demand careers. TCC builds relationships with each of their students on their path to transformation- the key to increasing enrollment.

The Results
Tidewater Community College just launched this campaign in April. Stay tuned to learn how this has impacted enrollment.

Strategic Planning
TV/OTT Commercials
Social Media content