The road to ROI began with a jingle

Checkered Flag

The Challenge
Checkered Flag is a highly reputable and established automotive group in Coastal Virginia with 10 brands. For more than half a century they did business the traditional way – selling on price. They began by shifting to a one-price sales model for their core brands and pre-owned vehicles. Their previous ad agencies had introduced numerous campaigns to explain the benefits, but Checkered Flag didn’t feel like it was resonating with their audience.

The Realization
The idea of one-price means that sales are haggle free, commission free and have a 3 day money back guarantee. Previous agencies had addressed the benefits with straight forward informational ‘see and say’ advertising. BRITE knew in today’s cluttered media landscape and super competitive automotive market we would need to create a dynamic message to create product lust.

The Solution
The campaign introduced a catchy song inspired by 80s loud rock music. Combined with this we introduced car pool karaoke to demonstrate the fun, no-pressure car buying experience. We launched the jingle during Super Bowl 2019 and continued with a Car Pool Karaoke campaign into Q1 2020. When Covid hit we pivoted to utilize the song but in a Covid sensitive way.

Checkered Flags sales grew in all categories even with the challenges of Covid and limited inventory. Customers arrive to the dealerships singing the song.

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Tourism Marketing Campaign - Social Media by BRITE
Tourism Marketing - Print Ad by BRITE
Tourism Marketing - Print Advertising by BRITE
Tourism Marketing - Print Ad by BRITE