See all the Coast has to Boast

Coastal Virginia Tourism Alliance

The Challenge
Coastal Virginia comprises nine distinct cities, each with its own destination marketing organization. Recognizing that unity strengthens their collective impact, they formed an alliance to forge a cohesive brand identity. This collaborative effort enables them to stand out against competitors like OBX and Myrtle Beach, benefiting from increased tourist attraction and cross-selling opportunities. Together, they enhance the appeal of the region, fostering mutual prosperity for all.

The Realization
Following an in-depth branding session with stakeholders, we developed a dynamic brand and marketing communications strategy, uniquely tailored to Coastal Virginia’s vibrant identity. Unlike typical coastal destinations, this region is characterized by its diversity and vitality. Coastal Virginia beckons individuals seeking to explore at their own rhythm, boasting an array of recreational activities, dining experiences, concerts, and iconic historic landmarks—all conveniently located near each other along stunning waterways. Leveraging data insights, we pinpointed key feeder markets and executed a creative campaign and media plan to enhance awareness and stimulate visitation to Coastal Virginia.

The Solution
We devised a compelling campaign titled See all the Coast has to Boast highlighting the brand’s core advantages. Launched in March 2024, our social media activations and display/video ads targeted key feeder markets, resulting in a remarkable 2,916% increase in web traffic in the first month alone. Achieving a 5.38% click-through rate on our Meta initiatives and a 74% completion rate for video pre-roll, our efforts have garnered significant engagement and resonance.